Jun Takeuchi, producer of upcoming Resident Evil 5 has revealed a few more details on Capcom’s next survival horror.

When speaking to Famitsu Xbox magazine, Takeuchi discussed a fair amount regarding graphics. It looks like the game features Chris Redfield as the main character, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Regardless of who he is anyway, the leading guy’s apparently modeled in extreme detail, complete with every individual blade of his stubble specifically laid out and shaped.

Takeuchi revealed that Capcom are planning to make a visual engine that can control every muscle in the face of the characters, though this mightn’t actually reach the final release.

We do know that the game is set to be similar in terms of gameplay to RE4, being much more action-packed than the previous incarnations of the franchise. There’s also set to be a much more responsive physics engine in the game, which will enable the player to be able to break loads of stuff. Always good. The developers are hoping to run the game at 60 frames per second, which is twice the speed RE4 ran at, and this is with the extra heat-depicting visual effects.

Famitsu asked Takeuchi if they were considering using any middleware, making reference to the Unreal 3 engine, he said they were looking into seeming as making a specific one is so expensive.

We don’t yet have any kind of release date for the game, but do keep checking back as we’ll update the Resident Evil 5 game hub as we get any news.