Capcom is putting a whole lot of confidence into its latest Resident Evil game.  Resident Evil 6 makes its arrival on October 2 and it’s going all out.

The company has confirmed today that it’s expecting four of their upcoming titles to sell over a million copies, but Resident Evil 6 is being dubbed the “big one” as the company is hoping it'll sell over seven million copies. 

As far as the other titles they have hopes for are Dragon’s Dogma (1.5 million units), the new DMC: Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory (2 million units) and Lost Planet 3, which ships next year (1.4 million units).  The company is also expected to announce some new content at the upcoming E3 event, including downloadable games for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, along with content for its retail games.

We’ll have a report on Resident Evil 6 straight from E3 when it kicks off early next month!