With the news that Resident Evil 6 is now coming on October 2 (rather than its original late November release date), fans are scrambling to get their pre-orders in.  But you have to wonder just what kind of dedicated folks will go after the planned Premium Edition of the game, which will be making its way into Japan – and possibly other regions – later this year.

This is no ordinary packaging of the game.  The Premium Edition comes with a copy of Resident Evil 6, along with a set of four case covers and, to top it off, a life-size replica of Leon S. Kennedy’s new leather jacket, available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.  Siliconera states that users will be able to plunk down a pretty penny to get the jacket, and can obviously use it whenever they’re not playing the game.

The only thing, though, is the price.  The Premium Edition will set you back about 105,000 yen, or around $820.  That makes it unlikely we’ll ever see it on these shores, though I’m sure Capcom has something else in mind around the $100 range.

Still, how cool is that jacket?  Does it come with a Resident Evil 6 logo?  Hmmm…