Resident Evil 6 will let players jump into the games of others and become an enemy, so says a Famitsu report.

The object of taking control of the baddies in someone’s game will of course be to kill them, doesn’t that sound like fun?

If you don’t want people jumping into your game, don’t worry, it happens in Agent Hunt mode, which you’ll only have access to once you’ve completed the game.

It’s a feature similar to that seen recently in Demon’s Souls, and before that Perfect Dark. The internet’s already full of people brandishing the mode as a rip-off but it’s something we’d like to see more in games. Remember when every FPS was labeled a doom clone?

Several people will be able to invade someone’s game at once, which means they have the potential to communicate via voice chat and work together in order to really wind players up. Excellent.