Sony’s PlayStation VR is off to a hot start. You can’t find the virtual reality headset in stores, and there’s already an impressive lineup of game available, like Batman: Arkham VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Rez Infinite, but enough about that! What are the upcoming games for PSVR in 2017?  Well, we’re glad that we asked that question. Below are the most anticipated PSVR games debuting in the New Year. Plenty more to come!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (January 24)

The seventh chapter in Capcom’s survival horror franchise stars a new hero, who goes in search of his wife through a creepy plantation house in Louisiana, home of the deranged Baker family. Horror aficionados will instantly pick up on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspiration, but there’s more to RE7 than a change of scenery. The entire game is viewed from a first person perspective, and you can play it from start to finish with the PSVR headset.  Now all we need is the courage to do that.

Farpoint (TBA 2017)

Despite a demo at E3 2016, we still don’t know much about Sony’s sci-fi first person shooter. The gist? You wind up on a strange world full of hostile spider-like aliens, and you attempt to blast them all to pieces. Additionally, there will be a special PSVR gun peripheral to play Farpoint. Insert a PlayStation Move controller, point it towards the screen and shoot everything that moves.  We’re in!

Fantastic Contraption (Spring 2017)

Maybe you don’t want to shoot things. Perhaps you’d prefer to relax and mess around with stuff in VR.  In that case, definitely put Fantastic Contraption on your radar. It’s a puzzle building game where you create a variety of gadgets from different parts in order to get a pink squishy blob to the goal. Exactly how you do this depends on your imagination and the myriad of different contraptions that you create. Tank? Catapult? Conveyor belt? Weird and unidentifiable thing? Hey, whatever gets the job done!

ARK Park (TBA 2017)

You might as well call this PSVR game, Jurassic ARK Park. Based on the hit game, ARK: Survival Evolved, this virtual reality experience lets you check out dinosaurs up close, and in some instances, even ride them! But there’s more to it than sightseeing. You’ll need to solve puzzles and explore the different environments to discover the more than 100 species of dinosaurs. Meanwhile, collecting each creature’s Gene Cube reveals new bits of info about the dinosaur, and you’re able to upload it to a petting zoo where you can feed and customize your new pal. Life will inevitably find a way sometime next year.

Ace Combat 7 (TBA 2017)

Most of us won’t get the chance to fly in a real fighter jet, so Ace Combat 7 appears to be a fine substitute. A special cockpit mode will let you find out what it’s like to travel over 500 miles per hour with enemies attempting to blow your aircraft out of the sky. Looks incredible, and we can’t wait to play the next entry in Bandai Namco’s explosive series.