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9.1 Sex Dolls

Gotta Find Them All

Like any good city ridden with crime and filth, Steelport has its fair share of nooks and crannies where those above and beyond the law attempt to hide the evidence of their misdeeds (or fetishes, as it turns out).

Early in the story, you’re introduced to sex doll collectibles through Pierce’s need to catch them all, but those aren’t the only hidden things you can find. There are drug packages, counterfeit money pallets, and photo ops hidden throughout the city, and locating every one of these items can give you a little extra cash on the side, giving you a good incentive to explore everywhere you can reach by any means you can.


  There are 20 sex dolls, money pallets, drug packages, and photo ops each. Each one will earn you $1,000 and for every 5 you get you will receive a $1,000 bonus. Locating them all without any help can be really time consuming. Fortunately, the game provides you the ability to buy the GPS locations of every single collectible in the game, once you’ve reached a high enough respect level. While purchasing the GPS locations for collectible is well worth the price-tag, you can opt to use this section and spend your money on other things like ammo or weapon upgrades!

  Our maps show you the locations as they’d appear on your in-game GPS if you did buy that ability, but like the GPS, it doesn’t show you the exact location where the collectibles are hidden. That’s what the screenshots help to illustrate! But even so, there are still some collectibles that can be tough to describe with pictures alone.

Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls 4, 6, 8, and 13: Acquiring these dolls requires the ability to get onto rooftops that don’t have easy ground access. Any helicopter can fit the role, but the Thompson is preferred for its speed. If you wait long enough in the game to begin your collection, you can have access to aircraft from the airport hangar, or even some STAG VTOLs, like the Specter hoverbike...