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2.25 Stag Arc 2 (Missions 40-41)


Retrace your steps and run back to the place where you searched the crates. Don’t waste time fighting with the guards. Use the Sonic Boom to clear a path if you need to and keep running. Hop into one of the tanks to go tank gliding.

Unidentified Flying Tank

It wasn’t enough of a thrill to kill off guys while falling in the beginning of the game. A real adrenaline junkie does it in a tank! The heavy military vehicle falls really slowly, which gives you plenty of time to blow up falling enemies. The main targets are the other falling tanks but let the cannon and machine gun loose on the sailing commandos as well.

Keep an eye on the HUD for the circular red indicators that show where the tanks are. They have powerful laser cannons that can be very deadly, especially when you are caught in a crossfire. Spin your sights to find the closest ones and use all the weapons to destroy them quickly.

Eventually the falling commandos bombard your tank with rockets. To make matters worse, F-69 VTOLs join the assault on the tank. The tank will start to smoke and blaze. This is actually not a problem and should be expected. Bail out of the tank to temporarily consider hitching a ride on one of the planes in the STAG convoy...