The Sea of Thieves closed beta is now available and players around the world are diving into the goodness of the latest closed beta available to see what all the hype is about. If you’re interested in trying out the beta, and seeing what the game has to offer, then we’ll tell you everything you need to know to set sail and join the Sea of Thieves closed beta to have fun with your friends.

How to Get into the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta

Starting January 24 and running to January 29, players will be able to dive into the Sea of Thieves closed beta, which will offer a hand-crafted Sea of Thieves experience that will give beta players a good taste of all the shenanigans that they can get into in the game. There are currently two known ways to get into the closed beta for Sea of Thieves, and we have outlined them both below.

The first way to get into the Sea of Thieves closed beta is to have joined the Sea of Thieves Insider Program before December 1, 2017. This will get you access to the game via a code, which you should have received before the closed beta released this morning.

Sea of Thieves boasts some colorful graphics and intense battles.

The second way to get access to the Sea of Thieves closed beta is to preorder the game. Any players that preorder the game on Xbox One or PC will receive a code for the game and be able to download the beta, giving them access to the game and everything that it has to offer players.

Once you have preordered (if you go that route) then you’ll need to take the code that you receive for the Black Dog cosmetic pack, and then you will need to redeem it on the Xbox One or Windows 10 PC Store. We’ve included directions for how to redeem the code below.

How to Redeem on Xbox One:

To redeem your code on the Xbox One, head into the Xbox Store and locate the Redeem Code option. Once here, input the code that you received and then you should be able to download the game and start enjoying the beta.

How to Redeem on PC:

To redeem your beta code on the PC, you’ll need to head to the Windows store and then press on the three dots in the top right-hand corner. From here look for the Redeem Code option. Enter the code in on the screen that shows up here, and then wait for the download to finish.

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