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1.1 Tour of Sims University

Plants and Seeds

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans are a new seed that you can acquire and use in University Life. You can plant the beans to grow a coffee plant and then pick the beans that it produces. Eating coffee beans gives Sims the same moodlet at drinking coffee, as well as Coffee Breath. Some of the beans have additional effects when you eat them or drink beverages made with them. The Black Bean, which is used for Organic Midnight Mud, improves your ability to gain Ping Pong and Bowling skills as well as other hidden game skills. Elder Swan beans, which are in Old Joe’s Organic Reserve, actually slow down the rate of needing to empty your bladder. Maui Beans, in Organic Slappucino, has no crash when coming down from a coffee buzz.


Herbs are a new type of plant added to The Sims 3 with the University Life expansion. You can plant herb seeds and grow them yourself, or you can purchase herbs at grocery stores. Herbs can be eaten, added to food or drinks, and burned in an herbal incense burner, fireplace, fire pit, or bonfire. Each herb has a unique effect on a Sim when consumed, and burning herbs affect all Sims in the same room or near the fire pit or bonfire. Sims can be affected by only one herb at a time. There is a chance that the Sim will get the Herb Nausea moodlet instead of the desired affect.

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