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Multiplayer - Resort


A river and crumbled road separate the two mirrored sides of this overgrown and ruined resort. Eight primary sniping areas around the resort will give you an advantage over enemies out in the open—if you know where to hide and where to scope.

See the resort schematic for the lay of the land and the relative positions of all the sniping points.

Sniper Point 1: Mountain Tower

Located high up in the mountains on the right side...

Sniper Point 4: Tunnel Bunker

The tunnel bunker surveys the middle of the enemy resort. It can also be a temporary post as you transition from one side of the complex to the other.


You can line up great shots against the mountain bunker (sniper point 3), both atop at the sandbags and through the bars from inside the bunker. You also have straight shots into sniper positions 4 through 6. A convenient ammo box rests inside the bunker for your plundering pleasure.


You can’t see the outer sniper positions. Though this provides protection, it also keeps you in the dark about what’s going on there.

Ironically, the resort building directly below you prevents you from getting a good look at the enemy’s broken road or the bridge (sniper point 8). If the enemy manages to cross, though, you can snipe enemies on your side of the road.


Seek out this position to drive enemies out of the mountain bunker (sniper point 3), and to pick off enemies in the opposite tunnel bunker (sniper point 4) or tunnel sandbags (sniper point 5).

You can also scope directly into the towers (sniper point 6), which is great news if you can spot the enemy first and not so great news if they spot you first.

The resort building directly in front of you is a serious problem if you need to fire on enemies attempting to cross the bridge or who have already penetrated your perimeter.

In the case of an overrun, it’s best to vacate the bunker unless you’re confident that you know the enemy position at all times.

Sniper Point 5: Tunnel Sandbags

You can see everything atop the tunnel! Take the long stairs above the tunnel and get your best view of the resort. Just watch out for flying bullets—lots of them.


You can hit virtually any target from here. Straight up the middle is your best option, so sniper points 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 are golden for you. If you go prone, you can avoid almost any return fire.


Well, since you can hit any target, they can also hit you! It’s the most exposed position on the map; you’ll have to be quick on the trigger to stay alive, and once multiple enemies know you’re there, it’s time to leave. Going prone will save you, but you’ll be completely blind.


This high-risk, high-reward sniper point can reap multiple kills if you know the map better than your opponent or have a knack for spotting the glint off sniper rifles faster than your opponents. You can lay into any tower or bunker and have some decent cover from the sandbags.

With additional suppressing fire from other teammates around the resort, this can be a command position that’s hard to turn down.

However, a wise enemy team will know this and constantly track for motion in the area. Once you start unloading from the sandbags, you’ll attract attention from the enemy and may not know where the next bullet is coming from.

It’s impossible to cover all angles against large...

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