SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs

Gameplay advice, walkthrough for all the missions with every objective and collectible and complete list of trophies


Gameplay Tips & Tactics

SOCOM 4 is a tactical third-person shooter and the real depth of the game is revealed when the player takes advantage of the features that has made the SOCOM series a favorite among fans. This guide will cover gameplay strategy and features, and includes a detailed walkthrough of the Story Campaign and all the collectibles and trophies. Here are some ways to take advantage of the game features.

Blue & Gold Teams

Commanding the blue and gold team doesn’t exist in this game as simply a “cool” gameplay function you can choose to use. Especially in the later missions and on the more challenging difficulties (Hard and Elite) proper utilization of your entire command will be the difference between success and failure. You’ll learn how to use the teams in the tutorial level (Left D-pad for blue team and Right D-pad for gold) but most important may be the way you position and surround the enemy forces. Gold team is the sniper squad and blue team has automatic weapons, so they serve very different purposes.

Tip: Let the blue and gold teams earn their money. Don’t try to do it all yourself and risk mission failure. Be tactical and command your teams to fight with with you. If you need a tactical retreat, hightail it and mash Down D-pad to have the teams follow you.

Caution: If you don’t command the teams, they will follow you like lost puppies and often either trap you against a wall or staircase. They also have a bad habit of showing up in your target reticle (sorry, Chung).


There is a lot of cover in this game, and not all cover is the same. Foliage will often screen you from being initially seen by enemies, but of course won’t protect you from bullets and grenades. If the cover looks flimsy (glass, a picket fence, corrugated sheet metal or the like), it is! Bullets will hit you and grenades will blow it all to smithereens. Look to take cover behind rocks, big fallen trees, stacks of lumber or cement, behind houses, cement pilings, and building corners.

Caution: Don’t hide behind cars for long. A couple of enemy bullets or a tossed grenade and they will explode. Now you’re dazed, bloody and out in the open.


This is a crucial tactic in this iteration of the SOCOM series. Most level maps cut fairly narrow swaths as you follow your waypoints. Often, new skirmishes will break out after you crest a hill, drop into a valley, or enter a village, street or structure. Set up you and your teams in the most tactically smart formation with a presence on the right and to the left and perhaps you (or a team) in the center to draw out the enemies. Enemy troops will funnel into your carefully crafted firefight, while you comfortably pick them off from cover. Scouting ahead, taking out a couple baddies and then pulling back behind the cover of your flanking teammates can be a good tactic to bring the action to you and maintain your healthy, not-dead state. Then, using one of the blue or gold teams to push forward for sniping position or engagement along one side while you and the others cover and methodically advance from the other side can prove to be a powerful maneuver to march ahead through missions.

Tip: On the wider map areas (particularly the villages) it’s possible to post up the blue and gold team in a firefight and for Player 1 to sneak way around a side and counterattack the enemy from a side or even behind them. Just be careful not to get caught in an enemy crossfire.


In SOCOM 4, utilizing stealth is not an option, but stated mission objectives in four of 14 missions. Operating as both Forty-Five and Ops Com throughout the Campaign, you have the opportunity to use stealth in every mission, and smart blend of tactical advances with stealth and positioning, paired with solid shooter-style “run and gun” and strafing skills is the sure path to victory. Too much stealth or sniping will get you picked off or overwhelmed by enemy forces, but not enough stealth will be a blast for the sharpshooting AI, especially on Elite difficulty.

Tip: If there is a guard who is alone, sneak up behind him and execute a “stealth kill” by holding R3. You’ll see an animation of one of a number of up-close-and-personal sequences. You can carry the body to the shadows or foliage if there’s a threat of patrol.

Player 1 Health

Whether you are commanding as Ops Com or Forty-Five, your being alive is most often the deciding factor on whether you’re completing the mission and fist-pumping or restarting at the last checkpoint and fist-pounding. If you die, you’ll restart from the last checkpoint. So, if you start to take damage, utilize cover, pull back or--as a last ditch--go prone. Just a short time away from the hail of gunfire or damage from explosions will heal you shiny as new. If the pushing forward is a gamble, send in one of the blue or gold teams and cover them. If they become “incapacitated” at least you’re still playing.

Caution: Once a teammate becomes “incapacitated” the clock starts. You’ll see a message in the bottom left corner of the screen and their life bar at top left will bear the image of a skull as they slowly start to lose life. Get to them quickly or send a teammate to heal them before their life bar runs out. If they die, so does the mission.

Weapon Loadouts & Mods

If you’d like to increase the breadth of your arsenal, pick up guns during a mission and finish the mission with them--they’ll be automatically added to your selection. As you use a weapon in battle, you’ll level it up with mods, so a level 5 assault rifle acts very much like a long range weapon with it’s attached scope. Pick a loadout you like, get good at using and stick with it for the most part. If you want to change, swap out your weapon with a fallen enemy or from a cache.

Tip: Load up a sniper rifle as a backup weapon. You can use it as field glasses to scout ahead.


Mission 1: First Strike

This is the tutorial level. Most of your objectives will be actions using the controller. Follow the waypoints across the map to meet your objectives. Go outside to the fountain in the courtyard for Mission Objective: Move to Cover. Dispense with the hostiles that come through the courtyard gates, then move up the freeway on-ramp carefully to meet more hostiles and move toward Mission Objective: Move to HQ. Keep advancing and toss a frag grenade up to the second-level RPG to clear Mission Objective: Neutralize RPG. Take out the enemies below for Mission Objective: Secure HQ. Call in the airstrikes for Mission Objective: Destroy Armor. After the blue team plants the explosives on the truck, move down and take cover behind the burnt-out car.

Tip: Snipe the enemy RPG inside the jetway beyond to make taking out the oncoming enemies much less stressful.

Advance across the bridge and grab the first Intel of the first table at the outdoor cafe on the left. Engage and take out the enemies below and the enemy RPG on the second level at your 10 o’clock. Go down the stairs to the left, look left and grab the Tarocco from the busted shop window. Cross the street to find the second Intel on a table near the ATM. Move down the street--there’s some enemies along the way--and call in the airstrike for Mission Objective: Destroy Artillery. The third Intel is to the left of the artillery on a cafe table near another ATM. Grab it and Move To Extract.

Mission 2: Rendevous

Start off the mission by crouch advancing through the foliage to the left through a few waypoints all the way to the next checkpoint. Stealth kill (hold R3) the lone guard at the site of the Mission Objective: Locate Crash Site. Advance and take out the three guards below.

Tip: The tutorial says to have the blue team take them out, but take cover and lob a grenade down while they are taking pictures for extra fun and for the “Crowd Control” bronze trophy.

Two more enemies will blitz down the hill; take them out and move on to the next checkpoint. Enemies will run past in front. Sprint up to the house, up the right steps and post up behind barrel for cover. Call the blue team to post up in front of you by double-tapping left on the D-pad and let them do some work--remember, if you die, the mission dies, so don’t be too aggressive. Move up and use some grenades on the groups of enemies if you like, there will be lots of ammo to grab off the fallen enemies below. Drop down toward the Mission Objective: Secure 707th and post up on the right or left to flank another wave of enemies that will come up from behind the next house. Neutralize them, grab the first Intel off the top of a kicked-over electric range in the middle of the yard to the right of the objective. Run over to complete Mission Objective: Move to 707th and meet your gold team members Forty-Five and Chung at the next checkpoint. Snipe the patrol ahead and run up to the next checkpoint at left. There’s some good cover behind a huge fallen tree to the right. Send gold team over there and blue team can stay left. Join the gold team and engage to clear the area. There’s a Resupply Crate and your second Intel at the hut on the left Move through into the village for your next firefight. Send you teams to flank the sides and move wide right. There’s lots of cover near the houses and the enemies won’t toss grenades over the rooftops, only directly at you when you’re in sight. Stay active and don’t be afraid to pull back and flank around, especially if you take damage. Move the blue and gold teams forward to cover when you can to keep pressing the action. Take cover in sight of the Mission Objective: Destroy AA Battery. Enemies start streaming out of the house behind the AA, but there’s some good cover to the right. Some straggler enemy forces will leak out of the dilapidated building to the far right--watch out you don’t step into a crossfire when you advance. After you clear the area, run past the entrance to the AA on the main road, turn left at the pallet of cement bags and collect the third Intel inside the second house on the right. Head back and plant the charge on the AA to complete your mission. Go around the right of the house and down onto the farthest point of the pier to find the Tarocco. Grab it and Move To Extract.

Mission 3: White Tiger

This is your first all-stealth mission as Forty-Five, and it serves as a bit of a tutorial for stealth. Follow the waypoints and directions to take out the first enemy with a stealth kill and the second with your suppressed sniper rifle. Carry the body into the garage behind the crates to the right and grab the first Intel off the top of a covered crate there. Follow the waypoints to the next checkpoint and go prone under the big rig to spy two guards talking. The sergeant will walk away. Stealth kill (hold R3) the lonely guard and carry the body to the shadows. Advance to a short tutorial on distracting the guards by throwing shell casings. Throw your shell casings, but you have to take out at least three guards to get into the big garage across the way in order to grab the second Intel from the computer desk in the back corner. Snipe carefully though; you must preserve stealth.

Caution: The sergeant will patrol back and forth to your right. No need to shoot, just let him walk away--he’ll ignore the scattered bodies in the area.

Tip: If you want to unlock another weapon, grab a gun from the garage as your secondary weapon and finish the mission with it.

Head through the open container tunnel, climb the boxes move along the wide right side of the shipyard. When you get to the covered area where the big truck is parked, look to your left and you’ll see the Tarocco glowing on some brown boxes in the shadows. Wait for the guards to move to a favorable position, then sneak over and grab it. Head back to the right and follow the fenceline around to the control shack. Grab the third Intel from a stack of crates to right of the control shack entrance before heading inside to complete Mission Objective: Disable Drydock.

Caution: The Ops Com is telling you to move “on the double” but don’t! Move slow to keep your stealth meter at 2 bars. If you pop up much above that for any length of time the enemy will cut you down.

Hop up to the top of the shipping containers, run across, and drop down on the other side. Stay to the right and Move To Extract.

Mission 4: Leviathan

At the onset of this mission you’re at the top of the hill. Sneak down to get a better look at all the enemy troops before you engage.

Tip: Select some victims for you team members by holding down their button on the D-pad with the reticle on the enemy. They’ll confirm they are waiting for “go”. When you’re ready for a simultaneous attack, press up on the D-pad to engage.

Drop down onto the road and through the fence. Go right and grab the first Intel from the crates next to the guardhouse. Advance and use the crates as cover. Post up gold team ahead and to the right. Grab the sniper rifle from that position and pull back to the cement piling near the outhouse. There are four snipers on the catwalk up ahead. Take them out and the troops that run up the street toward you. Advance up the street following the waypoints and there’s a Resupply Crate inside the big building. This is your next checkpoint. You’ll start to take some heavy artillery fire as you turn the corner. Run to the exit and take cover behind the cement barriers. There are two guards that take cover behind boxes to the right. Sprint around to the right wide and hug the cement barriers that will protect you from the ship’s fire. Keep running past the container that explodes and dumps a load of wooden crates, cross the street, and move between the buildings in front of you. The Tarocco will be on a barrel; grab it quickly because you’ve got company coming.

Tip: Mash Down D-pad when you get to the blood orange. Your team will sprint to your aid.

This is the most deadly wave enemies you’ve seen so far, and their backup is not far behind. Clear the area, and then move through the large, open building. Your Mission Objective: Disable Frigate is to the right, but go left and hit up the Resupply Crate and grab the second Intel from the brown boxes. Proceed up the ship’s ramp and go left to the aft. You’ll encounter at least one enemy and there are two snipers off in the distance, standing on containers on the dock.

Tip: When you’re in cover or hiding, and enemies are firing at you, use the yellow flashes in your HUD to identify the direction the fire is coming from.

Head up the stairs and take out the SAM launcher with a planted charge. Move to the fore of the ship and take out the 100mm gun to complete Mission Objective: Disable Frigate. Head aft. Put down a couple more enemies on and let the blue team plant the beacon to complete Mission Objective: Defend BLUE Team. Sprint down the ramp because there’s an airstrike acomin’. Turn right and there’s a weapons cache (shopping!) and a Resupply Crate. The third Intel is there too. Move ahead an a medium-sized group of enemies charge at you through the gate and you’ll find more snipers up high all around you. Move To Extract.

Mission 5: Benefaction

Take out the three guards ahead and cross the bridge. There’s three more down the dirt path to the right. Advance to Mission Objective: Secure Ambush Site. Move to firing positions and tap the Resupply Crate in the middle of the railroad bridge. Take cover to complete Mission Objective: Move To Ambush Position. Take out the convoy for Mission Objective: Neutralize Convoy.

Tip: From this high vantage point, lob some grenades out at the truck doors. Make it easy on yourself.

Head down the road toward the base. Move to the right and into the foliage as soon as possible. You can sneak all the way in to a large boulder for cover. You’ve got five or so incoming enemies on the bridge, and they’ll file out of a cave up on the hill to the right. Neutralize them and cross the bridge. Go right and through the ruin for some cover as you advance. You’ll hit a checkpoint. Cross the road over to the right side so you have a better view of the base. Advance and stay right; there is a defendable path there with loads of cover. The second tent has the first Intel on a table inside. Grab it and move out. Your next checkpoint and Mission Objective: Recon Base lie ahead under the tent overlooking the beach. Take out two of the vehicles with airstrikes from up here, then move down to the right and to the beach tent. Take out the couple of hostiles there and you’ll have a great, defensible spot to call in the remaining two airstrikes to complete Mission Objective: Destroy Vehicles. Chung will start up on the computer download (he’s good for something!) and you’ve got to defend him to complete Mission Objective: Download Data. Once the data is secure, clear the beach of any remaining enemies on your way across to the stack of crates closest to the water for the second Intel. Head back up the hill to the blown-out bunker on this side to grab the Taracco perched on the ledge inside. Sprint back across the beach to Move To Extract.

Mission 6: Fluid Dynamics

Head down the hill and engage the enemy behind the cover of some fallen logs. Take out the snipers across as soon as possible. The ground troops will try to rush up the hill to the right. Blast down on anyone who tries.

Caution: The enemy forces will try to flank you. If they make it up to you, pull back up the hill. It’s a more defendable position with your flanks protected by the rock walls.

Head down the hill and toward the big arch.

Extra Fun: You can shoot the milk jugs and gas cans off the shelf by the guard house. Why not?

Go under the arch to your next checkpoint. The first Intel is on a stack of crates in front of you. Engage the enemy, clear the area and move out. As you turn the corner to go down the road, a couple of vehicles with 50mm guns come skidding in. Use your grenade launcher (or grenades) to easily take these out. Head out and stay left to use the path next to the bridge. Engage before you step down onto the walkway. This is great spot to post up. Clear the area and advance to the Dam Control building. There’s a Resupply Crate up the stairs near the entrance. Strafe the building doors and light up the enemies inside. Use the doorway for cover and don’t go inside until the area is clear. Go all the way to the back of the room and grab the second Intel of the crates. Proceed up the stairs. There’s a Resupply Crate and the control room for Mission Objective: Activate Floodgates.

Caution: There is an annoying sniper outside and across from you as you activate the floodgates. Get rid of him.

A rush of troops will launch smoke and blast down the stairs at you. Stay in the control room and defend yourselves as they emerge from the smoke. A grenade (or even more fun: PE4) at the bottom of the stairs will take care of any John Rambos that make it down. Head up the stairs and through the hall. More enemies will flood at you. Exit the building and you’ll find a Tarocco on a barrel to your right. Advance to the next control room, where there is a Resupply Crate, the third Intel and Mission Objective: Defend Dam*. Enemies come outside from the left and then an attack chopper will start raining down fire into the room. Shoot it! Enemies will flow in from the right. Dispatch them and the chopper will come back. Shoot it!

Tip: Use explosives freely. The grenade launcher will come in handy.

Now enemies will come from both sides. Defend the control room and the chopper comes back smoking badly for a final pass. Shoot it down for Mission Objective: Defend Dam.

Mission 7: Safehouse

Follow the Naga officer. He’ll curl around to the left on the road, gather up some guards and head over to a house and strike up a conversation. Sneak right and cut through past the broken down cars and snipe the rooftop guard with a headshot. Go up the stairs and collect the first Intel and some weaponry if you like. Move on and stick to the shadows. Get to the rooftops to complete Mission Objective: Follow Naga Officer. Snipe the rooftop snipers and follow the rooftops around and drop down to Razad’s car to get Mission Objective: Bug Vehicle. They’ll call for you to move to the extraction point, but instead head down the road in front of Razad’s car. Go up the stairs near the white patio furniture. Inside to the left will be the second Intel. Move on back down the stairs and stay tight to the left. Sneak along the wooden porches and take out the sentry. Turn left down the first partially-lit alley. There is a sentry in the backyard to your right, a sentry on the rooftop on the last house down on the right and a guard near the third Intel, which is sitting on top of a toppled refrigerator. A walking sentry will periodically travel down from the opposite direction in the farthest alley past the Intel. Take all of these enemies out as quietly as possible, as you have to get by them all to get the Tarocco, which is past where the Intel was, down the alley to the right and up the stairs to the right on the rooftop where the sentry was. Whew! Now follow the waypoints away from Razad’s car to the extraction point. There is a checkpoint at the mouth of the drainage ditch. Enter the ditch and snipe the guard to the right. Sneak forward and snipe the guard that walks down to the water. Advance forward. A guard will walk out onto the bridge and stop. Snipe him and you’re home free to Move To Extract.

Mission 8: Means To An End

Here, you’re going to push into the same village Forty-Five snuck into last night. Stay to the left and you can get in pretty deep before you have to engage. Cross over after the first firefight to the right and there’s pretty good cover for you to swing some flanking maneuvers. Move up to the last building troops came out of and inside you’ll find the first Intel, in the same room as last night. Move through the building to the next checkpoint. Advance through a couple of firefights up the street. After you’ve cleared the area you’ll find yourself taking your team right and then left down a short alley to the large, open town square. Just to the left of the center of the square is a small structure with a corrugated steel roof. There is a rocket launcher leaning up against it behind a stack of pallets. Sprint there, get it, and sprint back to cover as fast as you can. Meanwhile, an armored vehicle shows up and begins blasting you with a spray of bullets. Hit it twice with the rocket launcher to complete Mission Objective: Destroy Armor. Move up and enter the courtyard to the palace. Look left and you’ll see Razad’s car parked in a nook. Go to it, turn right and grab the second Intel from the dumpster.

Tip: Blow up Razad’s car to earn a Bronze Trophy aptly named “Destroy Razad’s Car”.

Go through the palace gate and enemies swarm. Stay near the entrance and pick them off. Enter the palace for another checkpoint, then go upstairs. There’s three guards up here; take them out then grab the third Intel from the table in the middle of the room. After the cutscene with Razad, grab the Tarocco from his desk before scrambling out onto the balcony and downstairs. Blast through the first flood of enemy troops as fast as possible and exit the building with a hard left.

Tip: Spend as little time as possible (60 seconds maximum) in the palace. You’ve only got five minutes and a more than one firefight to navigate.

Run through the inner courtyard tight to the left wall to evade the snipers above and out to the exit. It’s a checkpoint and another firefight. Take cover; there are enemies all over the town square. Spend a minute or two taking out troops and then sprint out left even if it’s not all clear. There are some enemies holed up at the first left turn. Sprint to the end and take out the RPG on the run as you get to the extraction site. You’ll get to a checkpoint. Take two steps down the stairs, then back up to cover. That will trigger the final battle sequence. You’ll see the enemies with red icons over their heads on the rooftop across the way; they’ll come out of hiding and take their positions. Hang back and take them out from range to minimize the damage you take from the firing troops on the ground in front of you. Once they’re all eliminated, you’ll have completed Mission Objective: Secure Extraction Site. Rush across to the rooftop to complete the mission.

Mission 9: Onslaught

This mission starts out with an immediate firefight. Let them come to you. Don’t cross the bridge until you’ve whittled them down a bit--it’s a long run up that hill. Sweep down to the left after you crest the hill; there’s a house that serves as good cover while you clear the area of ClawHammer forces. Send the blue team right and post up the gold team behind the stack of pallets to the left of the house. Push forward and take out the remaining forces behind the big building at the back of the encampment and near the bridge. After you complete Mission Objective: Neutralize ClawHammer Forces, go behind the house to the right of the bridge and find the chicken coop. There you will find the first Intel. Go toward the bridge and you’ll find the second Intel on a stack of lumber to your left. Cross the bridge and complete Mission Objective: Locate Allies. Follow the allies up the stairs and down the stairs, but then go right and climb the stack of pallets to the roof to locate the Tarocco. Take out the enemy forces and advance. There’s a checkpoint up ahead.

Caution: Take the enemy out quick or the silly Allies will get jumpy, run ahead and get killed. Mission failed.

Stay to the left on the dock and take out all the enemies. When you clear the last enemy by the two stacks of pallets, you’ll see the third Intel. Keep advancing along the waypoints to *Mission Objective: Escort Allies. You advance to an open area, and a helicopter gunship will come make you miserable for awhile.

Tip: Treat fighting the helicopter like an old school, 8-bit boss battle. The helicopter moves in a distinct pattern and you have to hit it with a few of square shots to knock it down. Get your system down: fire rockets, resupply, and cover.

Run up to where the dock exploded and grab the rocket launcher. Turn 180 degrees and aim between the roof peaks. The gunship will hover there for enough time for you to shoot one, maybe two, direct rocket hits. Take off to the Resupply Crate* that’s down the steps and to the right a little. Resupply and go right along the house for cover. The gunship will move around a little and pepper you with gunfire. Hit it again and it will drop behind the hill behind the house. You’ll fight a few ground troops and then the gunship will return with burst of three rockets with a distinct pattern. Hit it a couple more times and you’re done with Mission Objective: Destroy Helicopter Gunship.

Mission 10: Revelation

Head down the path and Stealth Kill the first enemy. Go right and drop down to the step below and hug the wall to the right around and find cover behind the boxes. Wait for the sergeant to come move the guard and sneak around the concrete wall and into the building. The waypoint is in front of you but turn left and sneak to the back left corner and stealth kill the lone guard working on the computer--there are two more guards across the room so be quiet. Grab the first Intel.

Tip: Keep moving...slowly...but keep moving. Use the radar in your HUD to identify where guards are and which way they are moving.

Head back out the way you came, and go up one flight of stairs to the helipad. Place the beacon on the helicopter for Mission Objective: Bug Helicopter Undetected. Go up the next flight of stairs and move across the dark area and look right. There are some guns and the second Intel on a crate. Go back down and across the helipad to the end and turn right. Make another hard right to find the Tarocco. Head down and follow the waypoints. Get to the next base and stay to the left all the way around until you can enter the bunker. Go left and grab the third Intel from the table. Follow the waypoints--you’ll have to sneak past or stealth kill some enemies--and Move To Extract.

Mission 11:Turning Point

Head up into the first building and take out the enemy that is guarding the front. A firefight will start but run straight up the stairs in front of you and take cover behind the bigger of the steel containers. Peek around the left side and you’ll see the automatic sentry gun. Pop a few shots at a time into it until it explodes.

Tip: Let your teammates cover you from the enemies on the ground. You put out the hottest fire--the sentry gun.

Take care of the ground troops to the left and right, then head back down the stairs. Go left and back around inside to the back of the bunker. You’ll be under the roof you were fighting from. Head back and left to find the first Intel. Exit the building and follow the waypoints to the next base clearing. You’ll have a firefight to clear here. Drop down to the ground and go left and walk past a generator contraption with a ClawHammer logo (cold fusion?). Go through the door to the right to enter the first room on the right to collect the second Intel. Go upstairs to the helipad and you’ll fight off some enemies while Chung reprograms the missiles for Mission Objective: Defend Chung. Fire the missiles at the Freighter for Mission Objective: Destroy Freighter. Go downstairs and takeout the enemies that rush in from outside. Follow the fortress all the way around hugging the right and head up to the highest point of the base with communications antennas. Inside you find a bevy of weapons, the third Intel and the Tarocco. You can take out the enemy troops across the way from this vantage point. Head down and inside the left entrance of the base up to the control center for the second missile. You’ll have to defend Chung three times and hit the Frigate three times for Mission Objective: Destroy Frigate. Then Move To Extract.

Mission 12: Uninvited Guest

This is the last stealth mission. Start off and hug the right, avoiding the two laser mines. Stay right and approach the missiles. There is a guard that will go in and out of the sandbagged area. Wait for him to leave, double-jump to go over the sandbags, and you can hide behind the missiles in the shadows. Wait for the guards to start talking and then go get the first Intel from the crates under the missiles. Sneak out of there immediately while the patrols are still talking and go right into the shadows. Go up the hill and drop down across the road between the outhouses. After the cutscene, you’ll have to take out the three sentries with red icons over their heads. One is to the right outside the perimeter in a guard tower and the other two are on the main hanger roof. Take out the guard tower sentry. Then take out the two rooftop guards.

Tip: There’s a guard on the ground who hides up against the outside of the perimeter fence. You can take him out too and then use the guard tower to snipe the rooftop sentries.

Move along inside the fence, hugging the right. Go all the way around the hanger to enter from the opposite side to complete Mission Objective: Obtain Launch Plans. Go out the door you came in and go right to where you started the mission to plant charges on that tank. After you plant the charge, disable automatic sentry gun on the other side. Sneak back to the fenceline and wait for the guard to come turn it back on. Snipe him. Then move back around the main hanger to disable the other tank. There’s a guard there. Snipe him. Move to the dimly lit tent with a guard wandering around. Snipe him. Go into the tent and pick up the Tarocco and the second Intel. Advance to the first tank by hugging the right and plant the charge. Head out and stay right to make it to the the next tank. There’s a guard there; you’ll have to shoot him “in the faaace!” Head up the stairs to the left of the building to go up to the top. There are two guards there. Toss a shell casing to distract them and grab the third Intel. Go down and enter the building with the tank. Place the charge for Mission Objective: Plant Charges. Then Move to Extract.

Mission 13: Countdown

You’re going to cover some ground on this level. Follow the waypoints through a couple basic firefights--there’s plenty of cover--and past the second checkpoint. You want to make your way to the statue near the tall ruin on the left. However, stay to the high right to engage the forces. There’s more cover for you, and less for them as they’ll be forced to advance across the road. After you quell the attack, grab the first Intel from the base of the statue.

*Caution: There’s an RPG guard behind the ruin when you grab the Intel. Shoot him and pick it up.

Advance and shoot down the next enemies. They’re up on a guard tower. Snipe at least one and draw them to you. If you advance too far, you’ll be in range of an automatic sentry gun. Take out the guards and then use your RPG to take out the turret. Keep going down the road to come to the next encampment that holds two sentry guns, two rocket sentries and loads of enemy forces. Use an RPG on a turret and shoot the conveniently-placed explosive barrels next to the other turrets to help you. Move down and grab the second Intel from the top of the crates next to the forklift to the right. Move up and restock at the Resupply Crate at the right of the road. Hug the right after the next checkpoint. A stream of forces and snipers will attack. Take out the snipers and the RPGs up high. After you’ve cleared the area, move into the building.

Tip: Start on the right for cover, but send a team over to the left. You can run back and forth as needed.

Move through the waypoints and to a control room area for a firefight. Don’t lose your position up high--make the enemy cross the gap and try to come up the stairs. Clear the area and grab the third Intel from a table in the room.

Tip: Grab a downed enemy’s shotgun for the close quarters combat in this building.

Move out and go outside. Go up the stairs and turn right. Go into the area right of the stairs and grab the Tarocco. Go up the next set of stairs and take out the enemy guarding the rocket. Now you have to defend against waves of enemies and not allow any enemies up to the launcher. Once you take out everyone you’ve completed *Mission Objective: Defend Launcher and finished the mission.

Mission 14: Animus

As this mission starts, hang back and take out the RPG enemy and the others on the skeleton of a building to the left. Rush left into the building skeleton and take out the next wave of enemies ahead.

Caution: There will be an RPG guard on the second level balcony at your two o’clock.

Post up at the right corner at the entrance to the next street as you follow the waypoints. Step out to draw out enemy forces, but hustle back. Enemies will flow down both sides of the street and catch you in a turkey shoot. Take out all of the enemies and advance. When you get to the first checkpoint, check out the room with the guns for the first Intel. Cross the street and into the square. Enemies will come flowing down the steps at your 12 o’clock. Use grenades to catch the oncoming troops in the chokepoint. Get to cover let your team do some work. Finish them up and grab some grenades from the fallen enemies, then head up the stairs and take out more enemies coming down. Grab the second Intel from from the cafe table in this area. Keep moving across the jetway and down and you’ll find a skirmish. Pull back and take cover behind the boxes on the right for a good angle. Don’t fret, there’s a checkpoint in the parking garage. Step into the garage and enemies will stream down the ramp, so back up and take cover at the entrance and let them funnel down to you. After, move up the garage ramp to the third level, take out the enemies, and go straight past the taxicabs to grab the third Intel from the ledge. Go up to the roof for another checkpoint and Mission Objective: Locate Convoy. Here, you have to call in five airstrikes, dodge sniper bullets and any enemies that make it across the jetway at left. Post up blue team behind the barriers at the mouth of the jetway so they can blast anyone who tries to get across. Take out the vehicles for Mission Objective: Destroy Convoy. Quickly move to the barriers where you sent the blue team take cover.

Tip: There’s a handy machine gun leaning against the barriers for a reason. Get it. Mow down the enemies when they try to cross the jetway. You have a good angle on the snipers from here too.

Advance across the jetway and down. Go into the train station for the next checkpoint. After the cutscene, follow the waypoint into the next room and take a hard left. Grab the Tarocco from the ATM. Follow the waypoints to complete Mission Objective: Locate Gorman and the end of the Story Campaign.

Tip: At the end of the Story, you can choose your own adventure. During the cutscene, Gorman asks you to take a shot and finish him off. Your trigger works! If you choose to pull the trigger, you’ll take him out you get Bronze Trophy “Executioner”. If you let him live you are awarded Bronze Trophy “Peace Keeper.” Which will you try first?



Below is a list of all the trophies for the game. When they are awarded you’ll see a notification in the top left corner of your HUD. You can see the entire list--and the trophies you’ve won--in the PS3 menu.

Bronze Trophies

Elite Ops: Complete a Story Campaign mission on Elite difficulty.
N00b: Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game.
Good Game: Complete a Competitive Multiplayer game of every gametype.
Combined Assault: Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Co-Op.
Extra Credit: Complete a Custom Campaign mission in Single Player.
Government Spending: Call in a total of 10 airstrikes during your career.
Death From Above: Eliminate 5 enemies with a single airstrike.
Repo Man: Destroy a total of 50 vehicles during your career.
Grenadier: Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with explosives during your career.
Crowd Control: Eliminate 3 enemies with a single explosive.
Century Slayer: Eliminate a total of 100 enemies during your career.
Melon Hunter: Eliminate a total of 100 enemies with a headshot during your career.
Hat Trick: Eliminate 3 enemies in a row with headshots.
Unseen Strike: Stealth kill a total of 10 enemies in a single mission.
Vorpal: Eliminate a total of 25 enemies with melee attacks during your career.
Combat Medic: Execute a total of 25 teammate revives during your career.
Armed to the Teeth: Unlock all weapons for use in Campaign mode.
I Call Her Vera: Master a weapon in any mode.
Oracle: Collect an intel item in a Story Campaign mission.
Field Promotion: Complete your first mission as Ops Commander (Mission 1: First Strike).
Rendezvous: Rescue the surviving allies at the NATO rally point (Mission 2: Rendezvous).
Beowulf: Destroy the enemy stealth frigate to ensure the safety of the remaining NATO fleet (Mission 4: Leviathan).
Whatever It Takes: Stop the Naga forces from reaching the capital by whatever means necessary (Mission 6: Fluid Dynamics).
Trial By Fire: Confront Razad and expose Naga’s partnership with ClawHammer (Mission 8: Means to an End).
Allegiance Exposed: Expose Gorman’s treachery and determine his true allegiance (Mission 10: Revelation).
Eye In the Sky: Secure the intel that reveals ClawHammer’s true objective in the region (Mission 12: Uninvited Guest).
Passing the Torch: Stop ClawHammer’s missile launch and promote Forty-Five to Ops Commander (Mission 13: Countdown).
Peace Keeper: Complete the Story Campaign by choosing to bring Gorman to justice (Mission 14: Animus).
Executioner: Complete the Story Campaign by choosing to take Gorman’s life (Mission 14: Animus).
Double Down: Eliminate 2 chickens with a single explosive.
10-Piece Meal: Eliminate a total of 10 chickens during your career.
The Blood Orange: Find and collect a Tarocco.
Destroy Razad’s Car: Destroy Razad’s Car.
Destroy Gorman’s Car: Destroy Gorman’s Car.

Silver Trophies

Covert Ops: As Forty-Five, successfully maintain stealth in a Story Campaign mission.
Over-Achiever: Complete a Custom Campaign mission on every map in either Single Player or Co-Op.
Millennial Slayer: Eliminate a total of 1000 enemies during your career.
Expert Tactician: Complete a Story Campaign mission using only teammates to eliminate enemies.
Information Warfare: Collect all Intel in the Story Campaign.
The Sweetest, Darkest Juice Is At Its Core: Find and collect the Tarocco in each Story Campaign mission.

Gold Trophies

Best of the Best: Complete the Story Campaign on Elite difficulty.
Above and Beyond: Complete a total of 100 objectives during your career.
Shiny!: Master a weapon of each class in any mode.
The Elite 45th: As Forty-Five, stealth kill a total of 45 enemies in the Story Campaign.

Platinum Trophies

All Is Said, All Is Done: Obtain all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies

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