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Many of the achievements and trophies listed here cannot be earned in this chapter. However, progress toward these listed achievements and trophies can be begin in this chapter.


1 Vulcan Hypospray
2 T’Mar’s Audio Log #1
3 Helios Engineering Schematic
4 Surok’s Audio Log #1
5 Tribble (1 of 7)
6 T’Mar’s Audio Log #2
7 Helios Control Cluster


Listening In (Start) Found half of all audio logs 20 Bronze
The Whole Story (Start) Found all audio logs 50 Gold
Researcher (Start) Found half of all research items 20 Bronze
Fascinating (Start) Found all research items 50 Gold
I’ll Cover You! (Start) Order your teammate (AI or co-op player) and have him complete 5 bypasses in a row 10 Bronze
Technologic (Start) Cleared 30 minigames including co-operative hacks, bypasses, and power reroutes 10 Bronze
Beat Helios-1 Completed the Helios-1 chapter on any difficulty 20 Bronze

Pre Helios

Collectables Checklist

1 Vulcan Hypospray Research Data 100
2 T’Mar’s Audio Log #1 Audio Log 50
3 Helios Engineering Schematic Research Data 100
4 Surok’s Audio Log #1 Audio Log 50
5 Tribble (1 of 7) Tribble 250

Space Station

New Objective: Exit the shuttle bay

As the shuttle sets down inside space station’s shuttle bay, Kirk orders Sulu to keep the engines running. He has no intention of staying onboard this doomed station any longer than necessary. As you regain control of your character, move toward the circular doorway on the opposite side of the shuttle bay. After you take only a few steps forward, an explosion rocks the space station, causing you to stumble backward. Once you regain your footing, proceed through the circular doorway and into the decontamination chamber.

New Objective: Move to the center of the scanner for decontamination

Once inside the decontamination chamber you must wait for your teammate before the scan can commence. Step into the center of the chamber and wait for your buddy to do the same. Simply stand still and wait for the scanning beam to pass by. Once the scan is complete, the door at the end of the chamber opens, allowing access to the station’s reactor.


New Objective: Proceed to the command center

Just inside the reactor, Spock addresses a Vulcan officer, asking to see the captain of the space station. But before the officer can lead Kirk and Spock to the command center, another explosion shakes the station, causing the bridge over the reactor to collapse and taking the Vulcan officer along with it—it looks like you’ll need to find the command center on your own.

Following the cinematic, turn to the left toward a jumble of scattered crates. Follow the on-screen directions to vault over the crates along the reactor’s perimeter pathway. Your need to leap over three crates, stopping when you come to a small vent opening in the perimeter wall. Step up to the vent and then press the button shown on-screen. Your character automatically crouches down and enters the vent.

As you advance through the vent, Chekov reports they’re picking up some strange readings from some sort of anomaly. Kirk advises Chekov to keep an eye on it. In the meantime, you’ve come to an opening in the floor of the vent. Step through the opening and your character will automatically cling to the ledge. As you hang from the ledge, press the button shown on-screen to release your grip and drop into the corridor below.

The door ahead is stuck. You’ll need to work with your buddy to pry it open. Step up to the door to stand at its side. Wait for your teammate to move into position on the opposite side of the door. Once you both have a handle on the door, mash the button shown on-screen to pry the door open.


Collectables Checklist

6 T’Mar’s Audio Log #2 Audio Log 50
7 Helios Control Cluster Research Data 100
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