Street Fighter 5 is in the wild and everyone who enjoys fighting games is playing it. However, if you want all of the most accurate and up to date frame data in order to devise combo links and frame traps, Prima’s official guide is the only place to get it. Luckily we’re giving away five copies of the eGuide every day Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get you through your weekend play sessions.

To enter our Street Fighter 5 eGuide giveaway, we'll be posting a question about the game on this page every day starting Friday and running through Monday. We'll also post a link to the article that holds the answers to these questions. You need to find the answer and then follow the steps below!

  1. Comment on this article saying you want to enter the giveaway along with the date of the giveaway.
  2. E-mail the correct answer to the daily question to [email protected] before 11:59 PM PST that day.
  3. Include the name you commented under in the e-mail along with the answer to the question.

Winners will be announced daily on this page and we'll send you an e-mail confirmation with the code to access the eGuide.


  • If you do not comment on this page with the correct date of the giveaway, you will not be eligible.
  • If you do not e-mail us with the name you used to comment on this article and the correct answer to the giveaway question for that day, you will not be eligible.
  • You can only win one code throughout the entire run of the giveaway.
  • One code will be given away each day, Friday through Monday.


Giveaway Question: How much Fight Money do you earn when a character levels up?
Find the Answer Here: Street Fighter 5 - How to Earn Money (2/18 Giveaway Completed)


Giveaway Question: Which costume colors do you unlock for completing Survival Mode on Normal difficulty?
Find the Answer Here: Street Fighter 5 Unlocking Guide - DLC Characters, Colors and Costumes (2/19 Giveaway Completed)


Giveaway Question: Which two attack strengths (i.e. Light, Medium, Heavy) cause grey damage?
Find the Answer Here: Street Fighter 5 Glossary (2/20 Giveaway Completed)


Giveaway Question: A chip damage death can only occur when blocking what kind of attack?
Find the Answer Here: How to Play Street Fighter 5: New Mechanics (2/21 Giveaway Completed)

Winners: K. Spencer, grimhells, N. Caravana, A. Crane, G. Chu, S. Murray, Hiku, C. Lee, J. Donovan, E. Kim, Rondo5, ucambo, W. Baker, A. Lee, F. Armendariz, K. Gonzales, N. White, D. Le, P. Arteaga, C. Evans