Super Mario Run is available now, and you have three different modes to enjoy. In two of these modes you can change which character you play as. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about switching characters, and go over some of the differences between each.

How to Switch Characters

Switching characters in Super Mario Run is easy. The first thing you need to do is load up Super Mario Run. Once it loads, you’ll see your Kingdom Builder screen. Tap on either the World Tour or Toad Rally pipes in the bottom of the screen. We’ll show you how to change characters in both modes, starting off with World Tour.

How to Change Characters in World Tour

Once you’ve chosen World Tour, select the level that you wish to play, in the World that you want to continue from. When the start screen loads, look for an icon with your current character, Mario, and a recycle-like symbol in the bottom right of the screen. This icon can be found next to the Start button.

Tap the icon with the character to bring up another window which identifies all of the characters that you can choose from. Currently, the game includes Mario, Toad, Toadette, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi. Choose the character that you wish to play as and then click okay. Not sure how to get new characters? Check out our guide on how to unlock all the characters in Super Mario Run.

Once you’ve selected your character, begin the level by clicking the start button

How to Change Characters in Toad Rally

Load up the Toad Rally screen and take a look at the opponents that you currently have available. Choose the one that you want to face off against and select his or her icon. This will move you to the start screen.

Look down below the level information, and you’ll see a green start button. Just to the right of this button is a character selection icon with a picture of your current character and a recycle-like symbol. Click this to bring up the character selection area so you can select your character. Once you choose your new character, press okay and then start the game. You can also see which character your opponent used by looking at the map area in the middle of the start screen.

Differences in Characters

Each character in Super Mario Run has a different ability. We broke them all down below to help you get a better understanding of each one.


Mario is the most well-rounded character in the line-up, featuring a solid amount of speed, jump height and power. He’s your best bet if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, but his slower speed makes him weak against Toad in Toad Rally.


Toad has some fast feet, and is therefore the quickest character in the game. If you want to get through things as quickly as possible, Toad’s the man for the job. Just remember that he can’t use mushrooms for additional chances at taking damage.


Mario’s green-colored brother is known for being taller, and this proves useful in Super Mario Run. Featuring a much higher jump ability than the rest of the characters, Luigi is great for those levels where you have to grab Onyx (black) Coins from high places that are tricky to reach.


Not looking for something fast or well-balanced, and want to take the careful route? Peach is your answer. Her dress is useful for more than just making her look like royalty, as the massive spread of her gown will catch air, allowing her to slowly drift down. This is useful for harder levels with lots of pits to fall into.


Yoshi has made quite a name for himself as Mario’s trusty sidekick, but this cute little dinosaur is not to be taken lightly. His air kicks, which allow him to lift back into the air, can be extremely useful on sky-based levels, and it’s especially helpful if you have trouble staying on the platforms in some of the game’s later levels.


Being the hardest character to unlock, nobody is quite sure what Toadette’s purpose is in Super Mario Run, aside from helping you get new Toads for your Kingdom in Toad Rally. Of course, that doesn’t stop players from wanting to unlock her, so we’ll be sure to update our guide with more information on her special ability once we see what she can do.


Now that you know about the different character abilities, hop back into our Super Mario Run guide for more in-depth details about the game. We’ll play it quite a bit over the next few days, so make sure you check back often to see what other tips and tricks we discover.