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2.3 Weapons

During the campaign game, all weapons are fully upgraded. However, in the Coop game, you begin with basic weapons and must purchase blueprints and then research the blueprints in order to upgrade your weapons.

Blueprint tokens are acquired by chip-ripping enemies and completing missions. Once you have enough blueprint tokens, buy a blueprint for a weapon and assign it to be researched.

Only one blueprint can be researched at a time. However, you can queue additional research to begin once the first blueprint is completed.

Research takes place while you are playing co-op missions. It is a good idea to focus your research for a weapon you use most frequently.


TAR-39 Assault Rifle

The TAR-39 is a versatile short-range tactical assault rifle used by a wide range of syndicate security forces. It was designed for close-quarters combat and fires .45-caliber armor-piercing rounds.

The characteristic sound of the TAR-39 is sometimes known as the "EuroCorp Anthem." The TAR-39 is one of the primary weapons available during loadout.


Name Effect Description
FSS Ammo Increases the damage done Replacing standard-issue .45s with Fin-Stabilized Steel rounds carried in spindle sabots, the power of the TAR-39 is greatly increased. Borrowing its concept from modern caseless munitions, the replacement thin steel projectile causes a much higher degree of internal bleeding.
Discrete Trigger Override Reduces the Scatter of the gun The Discrete Trigger Override is a chip-driven mechanism that allows the weapon to compensate intelligently for the stress and skill level of whoever is using the TAR-39. It reduces scatter by adjusting the millisecond timing of each shot.
TAR-39 Red Dot Adds a red dot aim to the gun The TAR-39 is not originally fitted for any scope, relying primarily on its iron sights. But by constructing and deploying a new frame, it can be used with a 1x/2.5x red dot digital rangefinder scope carrying a built-in DPSS laser sight.
Electronic Ammo Feed Increases ammo per clip An electronic ammo feed replaces the mechanical spring-operated magazine with one that utilizes electronic micro-motors. This frees up enough space to increase the magazine’s capacity, allowing the individual operative to keep firing his weapon.
TAR-39 G40 Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher, alternate fire For some additional firepower in tight situations, a front-loaded 40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher has been fitted to the TAR-39. Its first conception was for EuroCorp personnel facing Cayman Global security officers. The grenades allow the TAR-39 to clear out suspected sniper nests.

Kusanagi ACR-10 Assault Rifle

For over a century, the ACR-10 has serviced elite combat units in war zones across the world.

Recently, it has become a standard-issue combat rifle within elite Syndicate assault units, thanks to its versatility and its unique penetration capabilities. This is one of the...