We never thought we'd see a controller with the name "Stinky" in it, but Stelulu proved our assumptions wrong.  They plan to introduce a brand that actually puts your feet to good use.

The company is introducing the Stinky Footboard, a PC based controller that actually works with feet.  Though it's not meant to replace the regular keyboard and mouse combination, the Footboard works in conjunction with it, enabling greater gameplay flexibility.

You can use it in a number of ways, like strafing better in first-person shooters, increasing actions-per-minute with real-time strategy games, setting up additional key bindings in MMO's and improving eSports performance.  We're not quite sure how this is going to affect gameplay, but the company will have the Footboard at PAX East this week so you can go hands... er, feet on with it.

The Footboard is set to sell for $119.99 and releases this June.  Do yourself a favor and wear socks while you play it.  You don't actually want it to be stinky, ya know?