Two Worlds II

Walkthrough covering the Main Chapters and Side Missions.

Two Worlds 2

The Basics


The following walkthrough for Two Worlds 2 is split up into two sections – Main Chapters, and Side Missions. The main chapters will detail missions only necessary to the critical path, while the side missions are completely optional.

Depending on your play style, you can either choose to follow the side missions as you play, or return to them later (or ignore some of them completely).

Note: In case you haven’t noticed, Two Worlds 2 is an RPG adventure. So in the interest in letting you experience the adventure, I’ve kept the walkthrough as spoiler-free as possible. You can thank me later.


| Xbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Action 1 | Action 2 | Action 3 |
| ------------ | ---------------- | ----------------- | ----------- | ----------|
|Left Analog |Left Analog |Move |N/A |N/A |
|Right Analog |Right Analog |Camera Ctrls |N/A |N/A |
|L3 (click Left |L3 (click Left | | | |
| Analog) | Analog) |Call Horse |N/A |N/A |
|R3 (click Right|R3 (click Right| | | |
| Analog)| Analog) |Radial Menu |N/A |N/A |
|Right Bumper |R1 Shoulder |Assignable |N/A |N/A |
|Right Trigger |R2 Shoulder |Melee Strike | | |
|Left Bumper |L1 Shoulder |Assignable | | |
|Left Trigger |L2 Shoulder |Block |Sneak (when |Sprint (when |
| | | | idle) | moving) |
|Y |Triangle |Assignable |N/A |N/A |
|X |Square |Assignable |N/A |N/A |
|B |Circle |Assignable |N/A |N/A |
|A |X |Jump |Interact |N/A |
|D-Pad Left |D-Pad Left |Equipment Set 1|N/A |N/A |
|D-Pad Up |D-Pad Up |Equipment Set 2|N/A |N/A |
|D-Pad Right |D-Pad Right |Equipment Set 3|N/A |N/A |
|D-Pad Down |D-Pad Down |Arm |Disarm |N/A |
|Start |Start |Pause |Menu |N/A |
|Back |Select |Inventory |N/A |N/A |

General Tips & Tricks



You have the ability to Block, so make good use of it. Enemies can strike you when you least expect it in battle, so keep your guard up!

Vary your combat

You may get in the habit of treating this game like a hack-n-slash, spamming the same attack over and over again. Don’t. Instead, time your attacks carefully to make full use of your abilities.

Know your limits

If you’re surrounded by enemies, there’s no shame in retreating and trying a new tactic.

Try different weapons early on

You have plenty of time to dedicate your Points to a specialization, but how will you know if you like ranged spell combat (Spellcasting) better than close-quarters sword combat (Melee), if you don’t at least try them both out? Make sure you try out all types of combat before settling on one type.

Use whatever is necessary at the moment

If you encounter a bridge full of baddies, don’t rush across with your sword in hand while they pick you off. Instead, stop, equip a good long-range weapon and take them out from afar. Similarly, don’t just stand there with your bow and arrows as enemies rush in for hand-to-hand combat! Don’t be afraid to switch weapon types when necessary.

Stay Healthy!

Keep an eye on your health (the red orb on the lower right corner). Some enemies can swipe off large chunks of health in one or two strikes. The quicker you replenish your health, the longer you can stay in the fight!


Complete side missions

As you traverse from one point to another, take time to explore and complete Side Missions whenever possible. The Experience Points (XP) will make you a better adventurer in the long run, while the Auras gained help better your arsenal, armor, and other key items.

Veer off the beaten path

Don’t always take the most direct route to your next objective. If you explore a little bit, you might find that a small detour could provide you a better vantage point, a way to sneak up on enemies, or an alternate approach for your attack.

Pick a fight every now and then

As you explore, don’t hesitate to pick a fight with nearby enemies or wildlife. They too provide valuable XP.

Look for Altars!

Look for pulsing blue pins on your map. They denote the location of Altars that can augment your abilities such as Strength, Endurance, and so on!

ANY Questions

  1. Are there consequences to my actions and decisions in Two Worlds 2?
    Yes, but they’re not clearly defined. So it won’t always be obvious if Choice A leads to good or bad consequences. However, if you play nobly you’ll be rewarded with more Auras and XP. If you play like a ‘bad guy,’ by making decisions that can be considered mean-spirited or backstabbing, then you’ll find that you can still finish missions, but won’t reap the same benefits.

  2. Which skill should I invest points in early?
    Lockpicking, by far. You’ll find that the ability to pick locks easily will get you into far more areas and chests early on, which will, in turn, keep you stocked with Auras, potions, ingredients and other very useful items.

  3. Do I need to complete all Side Missions in order to get the most out of the game?
    The short answer is no, but completing Side Missions does do a number of things for you. Aside from extending the length of the game, you’ll also gain valuable experience, items, and increase your abilities that will make the critical mission path a lot easier. At times, you may get stuck proceeding at a particularly difficult part of the game. When you do, take a while to complete nearby Side Missions until you’ve increased your abilities. In short, you don’t have to, but you really should.


Main Chapters

Prologue: Prison Break - Reward: 000 XP

As the game begins, you take control of your character while being escorted out of prison. A mysterious rescuer ambushes the soldiers escorting you out and sets you loose. Time to get a move on!

The doors are open, but there are a few dead bodies on the ground. Be sure to loot them before you go. They’ll provide you all sorts of goodies. You can’t use them now, but the loot will eventually prove usefull.

Tip: Now is a good time to start getting in the habit of ALWAYS looting dead bodies. You never know if they’ll provide weapons, scrap elements for crafting, or even regenerative potions. Loot, loot, loot!

Once you’ve picked the carcasses clean, follow the strange assassin down the prison halls. She won’t get too far ahead without you, so feel free to take this moment to get comfortable with the controls.

Tip: Don’t bother doing much exploring at the moment. Everything nearby is locked and you’ve got more pressing matters at hand.

Follow your rescuer, Dar Pha, into the hall. When you reach the locked prison cell on the right, pull the lever just left of the cell door to unlock it. Enter the small cell and loot the body to find a Jaw With Gold Teeth. Continue down the halls until you reach a watery area.

Make a sharp left as soon as you enter the watery area to find a storage chest. Examine it and acquaint yourself with the game’s storage system. You’ll also find a Small Healing Potion. Grab it, and resume your escape.

Finally, catch up to Dar Pha and a cinematic cut-scene plays.

When it’s over, you’ll have made two new “friends.” Loot the bodies of the men in this room before leaving. Once again, resume following Dar Pha out of the prison until you reach a Library.

Search both levels of the Library for several different books and another potion. You’ll find the following:

-Small Healing Potion (Consumable Item)
-Architect’s Notebook (Book)
-The Teachings of Tarayel (Book)
-Ancient Cults and Orders (Book)

Once you’ve grabbed all of the items from the library, go upstairs and activate the switch on the right. It’ll unlock the door on the lower level allowing you and Dar Pha to continue. Speak with Dar Pha to unlock a new skill, Sneak, then slowly traipse across the bridge.

A cut-scene plays shortly after crossing the bridge and you get a clear view of the throne room below. When the cut-scene ends, follow Dar Pha into another large library. This time, you’ll find the following:

-Architects of Antaloor (Book)
-Attributes of Armor (Book)

Leave the library, and speed down the stairs behind Dar Pha. At the bottom of the stairs, you’re greeted by a large, heavily armored enemy. Luckily, you’ve got help from the two friends you made earlier. Your new friends manage to step in just in the nick of time, but when their escape portal collapses, you and Dar Pha are once again left to make your own escape.

Loot the bodies in the room and leap into a full sprint behind Dar Pha. Stay in sprint as long as possible – there’s a guard chasing after you. If he catches up, he can put the hurt on you.

Caution: Don’t try to fight your pursuer. He’s got a sword, you don’t.

When you reach the sewers, Dar Pha passes through a gate that quickly shuts and locks you out. You’re split up! Dar Pha hands you a lock-picking kit – you can now unlock the gate behind you. Use your kit to unlock the door then go down the steps.

When you reach the water, hop in and start swimming. Follow the canals to their end. You’ll soon reach a T-interstection where Dar Pha waits on the right, and a staircase rises on the left. Don’t go to Dar Pha yet, instead make a left. Open the chest in the small room to find some Auras (currency), then return to the canal and reunite with Dar Pha.

Follow her to another small room where you find a portal. It’s your exit! Before you proceed, however, search the room to find the following:

-Small Healing Potion (Consumable Item)
-Medium Healing Potion (Consumable Item)
-The Warlord (Weapon)
-On the Properties of Plants (Book)
-The Alchemist’s Agenda (Book)

With your new weapon in hand, stand guard while Dar Pha searches the room. Hold off the attacker until Dar Pha gets the portal working again. Once you defeat the Guardian, you’ll finish this portion of the Prologue.

Asorna: The Rescue - Reward: 300 XP

The teleporter spits you out at a distant location, but before you and Dar Pha can proceed, Dar Pha gets caught in a trap! She stays behind while you forge ahead to find the next portal.

As you go, you encounter a Grom. Sneak up behind him and execute a stealth kill. One swift strike and he’s dead. Keep following the path all the way down until you reach the next teleporter.

Tip: Don’t forget to loot the bodies of the Grom as well as pick up whatever herbs and items you find along the way.

Use the teleporter and you’re reunited with your two friends on the other side. They rush to Dar Pha’s aid while you stay behind with Rogdor and learn a few combat basics.

Follow Rogdor’s instructions to learn how to block (You’ll also unlock the Defensive Stance and Block Breaker abilities), how to counter-attack, and how to fire your bow. Use your new skills on the Grom in the area and finalize your training – unleash an avalanche on the enemies camped out below, then return to camp.

Once you’re reunited with Dar Pha, follow her up the steps to a fallen bridge. There, you’ll also find Gortarius. He asks you to help clear out the Necris that are keeping him from repairing the bridge.

Alsorna: The Prophet - Reward: 000 XP

The next leg of your mission takes place in a series of catacombs below the bridge area. As you set out, Gortarius gives you a staff to hurl fireballs at your enemies. Use your new weapon and skill to blast past the skeleton-like Necris.

They don’t take much, so feel free to stand your ground and hurl fireballs at them at will. After blowing past the first few Necris, venture deeper into the catacombs and switch to your area-of-effect spell.

Rush to the pentragram area and stand at the center. As more Necris surround you, unleash your new spell and scorch them. With the area clear, explore the catacombs to find another book:

-Nature of Magic in Antaloor (Book)

After picking up the book, continue down the catacombs until you find a doorway leading into a room with a large demon, Tulok. At the foot of the doorway are two more objects, pick them up:

-Water Mastery Skillbook (Book)
-Magic Card (Consumable Item)

Use both items to acquire a new spell, Ice Bolt, then use your new spell on the monster in the room to bring it down. Loot Tulok’s remains to find the Demon’s Heart, and use the teleporter to find your way out.

With the Necris removed, Gortarius is able to reassemble the bridge. Cross it and meet the prophet.

Alsorna: Meet the Prophet - Reward: 000 XP

When you meet the prophet, Cassara, a cut-scene plays. Wait for it to end, then collect the equipment from the table on the right of the throne. You’ll find plenty of useful items including:

-Leather Greaves (Armor)
-Leather Gloves (Armor)
-Leather Armor (Armor)
-Leather Boots (Armor)

Equip them all immediately! Once you’re all garbed up, examine the far left side of the Prophet’s throne chamber to find a Dirty Trick Skillbook.

Speak to Dar Pha once again and she’ll grant you entrance to the lower levels of the Prophet’s Throne Chamber. Step inside, and follow her down into the Alsorna Interior. She leads you to your personal room - make yourself comfortable, and make good use of the storage chest. And most importantly, clean out the room of all hidden items. You’ll find the following:

-Small Mana Potion (Consumable Item)
-Small Healing Potion (Consumable Item)
-Meat (Consumable Item)
-Air Effect (Spell)
-100 Auras (Currency)
-Torch (Weapon)
-Steel (Crafting Item)
-Fabric (Crafting Item)
-Leather (Crafting Item)
-Air Mastery Skillbook (Book)

When you’re done settling in, Dar Pha gives you another objective – meet Sokaris at his forge.

Tip: Before leaving, make sure you have the steel you’ve collected and at least one or two swords that you can scrap into more pieces of steel.

Alsorna: Meet Sokaris - Reward: 800 XP

From the main chamber, go down the stairs to find the forge…and Sokaris. Speak with the blacksmith and he’ll teach you how to break down items into their elements, how to forge items, strengthen them, and even augment abilities with gem-stones.

Hand over the five pieces of steel and do as he says. When you’re done doing Sokaris’s bidding, speak to him one more time to acquire a new quest – The Runestones.

Tip: If you’re missing a piece of steel, simply follow Sokaris’s instructions on how to dismantle something, and get the missing steel from a junk sword in your inventory.

Side Mission Unlocked: The Runestones

Exit the forge, then go back up to the surface. You’re once again greeted by Gortarius. He hands you a Teleportation Stone and allows you to go about your way.

Speak with the Prophet one more time before setting out to initiate another cut-scene.

Alsorna: Broken Teleporter - Reward: 300 XP

Activate the teleportation stone and it’ll warp you to Gortarius’s room. There, he gives you your next course of action – fix the broken teleporter. In order to repair it, you must acquire a stabilization stone from the Grom.

Use the teleportation stone to exit the Prophet’s chamber. It’ll take you back to the teleportation portal you used to enter. From here, make a left and follow the path all the way down to a Grom camp. Attack the Grom at the camp and loot their bodies to recover the missing Stabilization Stone.

Tip: You can cross the nearby bridge and attack the Grom camp on the other side to find some goodies. Of course, the XP will also help down the line.

With the Stabilization Stone in hand, warp back to Gortarius’s room and meet with the Prophet. She’ll send you on another quest. This time, you’re headed to the small village of Bayan.

Side Missions Unlocked: The Shipwreck

After a short cut-scene, you’re warped to the village where the next step of your adventure begins…

Side Missions

Alsorna: The Runestones - Reward: 4,000 XP (after all stones are collected)

Questgiver - Sokaris

This Side Mission begins a series of short missions that have you acquiring several stones for Sokaris, the blacksmith. The first runestone is just south of the village of Bayan.

Explore the area to find a small cavern. Enter the cavern to find it crawling with Necris! If you go to complete this mission as soon as you acquire it, you’ll meet with death (over and over again). Instead, wait until you’ve leveled up a little bit since the enemies in the cavern are a few levels higher than you.

Once you’re ready, raid the cavern and acquire the first stone. Take it back to Sokaris and he’ll trigger the next leg of this side mission.

There are two more stones to acquire for this side mission, one is in Eollas, the other is in Erimos.

Alsorna: The Shipwreck - Reward: 300 XP

Questgiver - Rogdor

After speaking with Rogdor in his room, he sends you on a mission of his own. He asks that you bring back a logbook from a wrecked ship on the other side of Alsorna. This quest is simple.

Teleport out of Gortarius’s teleporter to the Orc camp. From there, head north until you reach the wrecked ship. Once at the ship, look around for it on the deck near the captain’s door. Grab it, then return to Rogdor.

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