It pays to be a PlayStation Plus member.  Sure, you have to pay that annual subscription rate, but look at all the cool stuff you’ve already gotten in return.  And Sony’s just getting started as it leads into the first month of August.

The company has announced the latest perks that will be available start tomorrow with the launch of the PSN Play 2012 promotion, which kicks off with Ubisoft’s video game take on The Expendables 2.  The game will be available at a discount of $11.99, three bucks off the normal price that regular subscribers have to pay.  In addition, next week’s release of Sound Shapes will also be discounted, available for the same price of $11.99. These are for a limited time, so we suggest jumping on them.

But that’s not all.  On August 7, Sony will make two chapters of Telltale Games’ awesome Walking Dead series, Starved For Help and A New Day, available for free for all subscribers.  This is a great way to try out the series, and see all the intensity that it has to offer.  And it comes at a discount of $9.98 off the retail prices.  Not too shabby.

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