You just can't stop an army of zombies, now can you? But can you also deal with the human conditions that follow their walking amongst the Earth? If you've been playing Telltale Games' awesome The Walking Dead games, you probably can…but you haven't seen anything yet.

Telltale announced today that the fourth chapter of the series, Around Every Corner, will release on PSN, Xbox Live and PC this October. Though a date wasn't given, we expect it before Halloween just in time to deliver a few chills.


As for iOS owners, you aren't being left out. The third episode in the series, No Time Left, will follow soon thereafter so you too can continue to make harsh decisions and try to survive. Good luck with that.


If you haven't checked out the games yet, you're really missing out on something cool. Telltale's storytelling is right up there with Robert Kirkman's best stuff and there's lots of great scares to send chills down your spine. This is as good as zombie gaming gets…


Download The Walking Dead for iOS here: