Hack Chicago with Prima's free Watch Dogs walkthrough

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Mission: Jury-Rigged

Objective: Disable all three security terminals.

Objective: The gate is open, unlock the ctOS Tower.

Objective: Leave the area. 

When you reach the mission waypoint, you need to infiltrate the area and disable three security terminals (all marked on your map). There's a single sniper on the south side and another on the east side. However, if you enter first through the northernmost west side gate, there's one stationary guard and one that walks in a wide patrol. Wait until the wide patrolling guard is gone, then take down the stationary guard. 

Move to the north security terminal first. With no sniper nearby, it's easy to wait until the two guards separate (one patrolling and one stationary by the terminal) and take them down one at a time without drawing attention to other guards. Take down the stationary guard first, then wait for the patrolling guard to spot him and move in to investigate, then take him down as well. Once both guards are down, access the terminal. When that terminal is taken care of, leave the area and walk around the outskirts.

Head for the southernmost west side gate, which is also virtually unguarded. You can enter the gate with no opposition, however you need to take cover as soon as you get through the gate. There are two guards here. One sniper on the roof just ahead, and one that walks in a wide patrol. Wait for the patrolling guard to move away, then watch the red laser sight of the sniper's gun. When it moves to the left, make a quick break for cover on the right.

Continue to move slowly toward the southern terminal. Once again, there are only two guards. One moves a little bit, but stays close to the terminal, and the other moves in a wide patrol. There's also a sniper on the east side, so watch his laser sight so you know when he's not looking in your direction. When the patrolling guard moves away, wait for the sniper to look the other direction and quickly take down the stationary guard. 

Wait undercover until the patrolling guard spots the one you just took down, then take him down as well. Once again, pay close attention to where the sniper is looking. With both guards down, wait until the sniper is clear, then access the security terminal.

At the point, you can huge the wall of the eastern building and avoid both station guards and the snipers all the way up to the security terminal. You can literally walk up to the security terminal as long as you're close enough to the building. The snipers won't be able to see you since you're basically right below them, and the stationary guards never turn around. Hack the final security terminal to complete the objective. 

Head over to the next waypoint to find an audio log and another terminal to hack. Once you take care of the terminal, you need to leave the area. Simply go through the southern gate with no opposition and get outside of the yellow area on the map to complete the mission.

Hack Chicago with Prima's free Watch Dogs walkthrough.