It's not even the weekend yet and we already know about a game called Men's Room Mayhem.

The proposed Vita project has been exposed (whoops, bad choice of words) thanks to a Classification Board rating in Australia and is apparently on its way to the Sony handheld sometime soon.

The game is the work of Sawfly Studios, a group of four guys laid off by Sony Liverpool and trying to strike out on its own.

Little is known about the project as it hasn't officially been announced yet.  According to the official Sawfly page, the team states, "We take a lot of inspiration from games like That Game Company's Journey and Playdead's Limbo."  (But in a men's room.)

When asking for information on the game's announcement from its publisher, Ripstone, Joystiq received the following reply, "What I can say is it's a game about men's rooms and what goes on behind closed cubicle doors (but not in a dodgy way!)"

Once the game is officially announced we'll let you know.  But yeah, it's definitely Friday.