Gwent is a long-standing favorite for fans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, to the point that it will receive its own game later this year. However, there are plenty of strategies to learn in the Blood and Wine expansion, as you can add cards to your Skellige Deck and really do some damage. That said, up your game with these Skellige Gwent Tips for The Witcher 3.

Assembling the Best Skellige Deck in The Witcher 3

First, you'll want to build a deck. Head into Toussaint and challenge a merchant to a round of Gwent. After winning, you'll earn your first card and also gain access to a quest called Everything – Turn, Turn, Tournament.

Head over to the Pheasantry Inn in Beauclair and speak with Count Monnier so you can take part in the tournament. Make sure you're ready before you sign up, and Monnier will hand you Skellige Gwent cards to play with.

Skellige Leader Abilities in The Witcher 3

Make sure you keep two cards in hand with great leadership abilities, Crach an Craite and King Bran. The first card will let you shuffle your graveyard cards back into decks, while the second will save your units by only making them lose half their strength with inclement weather conditions.

Using Power Combos in The Witcher 3

Next, make sure you know your combo moves, as they deal major damage to your opponents. Combine your decks whenever you can, including Bond, Muster and Mardroeme. Next, make sure you minimize unit cards with these abilities so you have a better chance of drawing combo cards. These include Multiple Shield Maidens, Clan an Craite Warriors and War Longships, each of which deliver significant damage.

Play your cards right and your opponent won't know what hit them!

Get Cow Cards in The Witcher 3

Make sure you have Cow and Kambi cards in your deck. While they have no attack power, you can replace them automatically with more powerful unit or Hero cards after they're taken off the board. This can take place anytime in the round (including the end), and the longer it takes, the better it serves to your advantage. Play them in the first round if you can, as that will get you a greater chance to score a more powerful card the next round in, without having to give up one of your turns.

Using Iron Maidens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Cerys an Craite is the best way to go with your Skellige deck, thanks to its unbridled power. It's a Hero card enabling the ability to summon Shield Minions into the deck (using Muster), right in the close combat row. They use Bond, which doubles/triples their attack damage when you play two or more. Try to throw a Dandelion or Commander's Horn in there as well, as that will buff your effects even greater for more massive damage. Just remember, it could lead to a Scorch attack, since your opponent can use that or Villentretenmerth to burn down your deck. Make sure to use Cerys at just the right time.

If you need help finding a Cerys card, head to the inn in Flovive and defeat the innkeep. It's as good as yours.

Drummond Shield Maidens can also last over two rounds, depending what leader card you have or how your hand looks. Try to use the Shield Maidens before using Cerys, saving it for later when it'll really count. Don't forget to use Crach an Craite's leader ability as well, which will reshuffle cards from the graveyard back into your deck. This can also bring back used Shield Maidens, which can be utilized once more for battle.

Going Berserk in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Finally, keep a close eye on the Mardroeme and Berserker cards in your deck, since you can use them together. While the Berserker cards have low damage, they can transform into powerful Bear cards once you use Mardroeme. They can also use Bonds to buff fellow cards in the deck. Try to use them together in the first round if you get a chance.

After you earn enough cards, go ahead and ask the Count to enter the tournament and you'll be ready to go. If you need more practice, head over to Corvo Bianco and hit up Majordomo for a friendly round. Good luck!

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