WWE 2K14 is now available in stores everywhere, giving you the opportunity to wrestle with a number of greats. Whether it's superstars from yesteryear – like Andre the Giant and the Ultimate Warrior – or current favorites – such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan – there are plenty of grapplers to choose from.

Yesterday, we provided you some starting tips for the game. Now that you've gotten serious, let's take the wrestling game to the next level…

How do I do submissions in WWE 2K14?

Several wrestlers in WWE 2K14 will utilize submission holds. These are usually activated when an opponent is on the ground, either utilizing the legs or upper body. These include Boston crabs, figure four leg locks – nothing beats the classic Ric Flair style – and others.

Once you begin a submission, you'll see a meter on the screen called "Breaking Point." This shows you just how far your opponent is from submitting to your maneuver and winning the match. The meter will be all white, but fill in with red starting from the left side. If it's all the way over on the left, you've still got a ways to go to beat your opponent. If it's to the right, you're a few taps away from victory. 

No matter where the meter stands, submission holds do damage to particular areas of the body, whether it's the chest, arms, head or legs. You'll want to keep this in mind for attacks directed at these areas, as it weakens the opponent and makes them susceptible to a loss if you put them back in the submission hold. Use the left analog pad to direct certain attacks towards these parts, preferably arms and legs since they're a little more vulnerable.

To keep a submission meter going, you'll need to tap all four face buttons like crazy. It's a little easier than the "hold the analog stick in a certain direction for pressure" system featured in previous games, so you can perfect it with ease. You'll also use this if you're stuck in a submission, either to avoid giving up the match or escape from the hold. 

Keep in mind that you'll want to be as close to the center of the ring as possible when you launch a submission maneuver. If you're close to the ropes, depending on the rules of the match, the referee may tell you to release the hold. 

Practice a bit and see which submission works best for you. I'm a personal fan of C.M. Punk myself. 

How do I do high-flying moves in WWE 2K14?

A lot of superstars are capable of climbing the turnbuckles to launch into a "high risk maneuver," like "Macho Man" Randy Savage's flying elbow. With this risk comes reward, as you can really knock an enemy for a loop, whether they're lying down or approaching you. You can even take a nose-dive to someone if they're standing outside the ring – which totally revs up the crowd.

With this move comes risk. If you miss your opponent, either by getting up or rolling out of the way, you lose some of your momentum, and they can easily counter with some form of attack. Also, if you're not quick enough, they're able to hit you on the turnbuckle, and maybe even go as far as to climb up and deliver a devastating superplex.

When it comes to these high-risk moves, make sure your opponent is in range and not posing an immediate threat. If you think you can execute a flying drop kick, do it. Otherwise, stay on the low level until you've worn them down enough that you can climb up and hit your move. 

How do I use weapons and tables in WWE 2K14?

Yes, you can use weapons in WWE 2K14, but it really depends on what kind of match you're wrestling. In normal matches, using steel chairs and ladders will immediately get you disqualified. However, with certain matches like an Extreme Rules match, they're certainly encouraged.

You can usually find weapons either beneath the ring or out in the crowd. Some can be picked up and used with ease. Others take a little more time to prepare, such as a table – and yes, you can throw your opponent through a table with a good body slam-style move. Make sure you have an idea of what kind of weapon you want before you go after it. A steel chair is usually your best bet, but a ladder delivers better range when taking on two or more opponents, thanks to its width.

In addition, items outside the ring, like the padding surrounding it, the ring post or the steel steps, can really do some damage to opponents being thrown into them. Just launch into a "launch" move with the B or circle button – depending on your version of the game – and they'll run right into them. Be careful, though – this is an easily reversible attack, and it might be you flying into the object. That results in some rather painful damage.

How do I execute signature and finishing moves in WWE 2K14?

Finally, when it comes to setting up specific moves for your wrestlers, most of them are handled automatically. For example, if you want to pull off Rey Mysterio's 6-1-9, you just have to hit the button, and he'll launch into the head-scissors to send his opponent into the ropes, followed by a swivel kick and a diving leg attack. While that may take away the opportunity for you to do it yourself, it also makes it simple to beat your opponent. Plus, it's fun to watch.

Simply watch for the prompts that indicate when you can use these moves. A flashing "F" symbol will let you know when your finisher is ready, and the word "Signature" will indicate when you can use it as well. Sometimes you have to be in a certain position to pull it off, like if an opponent is on the ground or standing close enough to you. When you see the chance to finish them, hit the button and get it done. 

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.