Any fan of WWE – or the old World Wrestling Federation days – will automatically recognize the name Hulk Hogan. He's easily one of the most prominent wrestlers from the 80's and 90's, with his own theme song ("Real American," anyone?) and a go-getter attitude for avid wrestling fans and kids alike. Even with his change to a "heel" (bad guy) in World Championship Wrestling years later, he remained one of the biggest names in the business for some time.

Even though he's no longer officially with the company, he is included in WWE 2K14 as both his classic "hero" self, as well as with his "heel" persona, "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan. They both play about the same, though "Hollywood" is a bit slower due to his age. Here are some techniques on how to pull off his most iconic moves.

How do I perform Hulk's signature taunts?

That's easy. Simply execute a taunt by pressing on the directional pad, and he'll either flex up in pure Hulk Hogan fashion, or do a "YOUUUU!" point at his opponent. NOTE: try not to do this when you have an opponent that's about to pummel you, because they won't hesitate.

How do I "hulk up" with Hulk Hogan?

This is tied in with the "comeback" system. If you survive a couple of close pins, you'll receive a temporary energy resurgence. By doing this with Hulk, he'll push out of the pin and attempt to make a comeback in the match. As Michael Cole would say, "Vintage Hogan."

How do I perform Hulk's "big boot" and "leg drop"?

These go together with his finisher. Simply set up an opponent when they're standing in front of you and, once highlighted, press Y or the triangle button, depending on your version of the game. He'll fling them into the ropes and let them have it with a big boot.

Likewise, if an opponent is already down – or knocked down from the boot – you should be able to hit the button again to bounce off the ropes and take them out once and for all with a leg drop. The three count should be all yours following this.

What else can I do with Hulk Hogan?

He's more of a strength type, so don't expect him to do a lot of high-risk dives and outside-ring stuff. That said, he is quite capable of executing some body slams (like his iconic one with Andre the Giant in Wrestlemania III) and punch attacks. If you're looking for someone to turn the tables against a tough opponent, Hulk is the man – even if you prefer his "bad guy" persona.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.