It seems Yakuza 5 is mixing things up with its combat systems and will include dance battles and fights that aren’t quite so sectioned off.

Ever the bringer of great Japanese gaming news, Famitsu revealed the details and we found out via the always-translating Andriasang. It seems that the game will give players the chance to engage in dance battles when playing as the pop star wannabee Haruka. There’ll be hip hop, house, jazz and rock involved. When your special moves have built up enough you’re able to unleash a special Heat move.

Nearby people will be the judges of your performance, and when you’re winning Haruka’s “expression power” will increase, which will help to level up.

Good ol’ fashion fighting has been given a revamp too mind; you’ll be able to battle all over the place rather than having to use the closed off arenas seen in previous Yakuza games. The AI and animation have been taken up a notch too apparently.

Japan gets Yakuza 5 this December, sadly we’ve no idea when we do.