Evolutions are very important in Pokemon Go, but few people realize that some of the weaker Pokemon have some of the best evolutions if you feed them enough candy. This guide will cover some of the best Pokemon evolutions that come from the weaker Pokemon available in the game. Once you know which of the weaker Pokemon turn into strong evolutions, you may not be so quick to trade in a low CP Pokemon.

The weakest Pokemon in the game is Magikarp with a maximum CP of 262. We’ve covered the best ways to get the evolved form, Gyarados, but it’s not an easy task. You need 400 Candy to evolve Magikarp into Gyarados, which can take some time. Have some patience and be ready to walk 10km with your fingers crossed.

Poliwag is considerably stronger than Magikarp, but it’s still a very weak Pokemon with a max CP of 795. However, with a little effort you can evolve it into Poliwrath and suddenly you’ve got a pretty strong Pokemon on your hands. The stronger the Pokemon, the better off you’ll be placing it in a gym or using it to take on a rival gym.

We’ve discussed some of the strongest Pokemon in the game following one of the recent patches, and Dragonite was near the top of the list. This is the evolved form of Dratini, which is one of the weaker Pokemon with a max CP of only 983. It will take 125 Candy to evolve Dratini into Dragonite, but once you do you’ll have one of the strongest Pokemon in the game with a max CP of 3,500.

Eevee is another Pokemon that has the unique ability to evolve into three different Pokemon. You can select exactly which evolution you want, but if you’re looking for the strongest you want Vaporeon. Eevee has a maximum CP of only 1,077, but Vaporeon is one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, not only due to its CP, but also because it’s a water type. The type of Pokemon is important to take into account during gym battles, especially after the recent patches.

Finally we have Exeggcute with a maximum Cp of 1,099. For a mere 50 Candy you can evolve Exeggcute into Exeggutor. Don’t get too excited over the 50 Candy requirement. Finding Exeggcute Pokemon can be a bit harder than some of the other more common Pokemon in the game. If you come across an Exeggcute make sure to catch it because you won’t see them very often.

We’ll have more on Pokemon Go as the game continues to evolve, so stay tuned to Prima Games.